is a London-based digital design duo. We explore 3D in all its ever evolving capabilities and its impact on digital cultures.

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Art/Creative Direction


3D Worlds


3D Animation + Modelling


Antinomy Studio and their web3 department Antinomy Labs was approached last year by an anonymous entity to create a vast generative NFT project called 404.

The project was created with multiple teams working in sync to cover every aspect - from narrative and lore to brand identity, web design, visuals, and more.

Morbo with Christie Morgan, worked closely with the narrative and lore team to develop 3D immersive worlds filled with otherwordly nature, alien architecture, and hidden artifacts.

These landscapes we created became visuals, a collection of 4444 unique generative NFTs, and playable 3D worlds to explore in Mona.

Art + Creative Direction, Creative Strategy → Antinomy Labs
Lore, Narrative → Alexa Chirnoagă, Alex Rigby, Inferstudio
Brand Identity → Erno Forsström, Léo Imbert
Website → (Design) Erno Forsström, (Technology) Antinomy Studio
3D World → MORBO, Christie Morgan
Visuals → Léo Imbert, MORBO, Christie Morgan
Sound Design → KLOAQ audio design
Smart Contract → Transient Labs